Our organization seeks to motivate, inspire, and guide our clients and communities towards healing and building a brighter future.  We are a dedicated group of individuals, working collaboratively, addressing the needs of our clients who are striving to reach collective and individual goals.


The purpose of our organization is to extend counseling in the areas of health and wellness, anger management, family, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and domestic violence in addition to providing services and referrals for service to any person that has been a victim to crime.  DBA works to support the efforts of our clients in adapting and healing from life changing traumatic experiences while also supporting the efforts of those wishing to transform their attitudes towards anger and violence.

We serve individuals of any age, nationality, race, religion, or sexual preference nor do we exclude anyone with a disability.


We aim to achieve real and transformative results using a variety of programs developed to cater to the personal needs of those we serve.  Drive By Agony utilizes onsite direct-contact approaches in addition to online programs and materials which we have cultivated in response to many years of working directly with victims and their families.  These techniques have proven to be effective even as we continually seek to improve our methods and understanding.

We act as partners with our clients, creating personalized tools that help them to manage their anger and the stresses of everyday life.  It is a blueprint that will help them to expand in productive and positive directions.

  • P.T.S.D. counseling and referrals
  • Domestic Violence classes (court orders welcome)
  • Straight Talk About Violence (youth program)
  • Victims referrals and counseling


Drive by Agony customizes plans built around sound territory strategies and treat the goals of our clients as we would our own.  We focus on instructing our clients on how to control their anger and respond to stress in a positive way so as to demonstrate love and respect for their families.  We teach parenting skills and strategies as well as teach children how to deal with bullying without becoming the bully.  Investing in the right atmosphere and training for our clients is pivotal to creating the effective in-person learning experiences that achieve impressive bottom-line results.